In my spare time?


This is a random post for you to learn a little bit more about me and to see what I do in my spare time. In my spare time I like to draw because I’m an artist ( not a professional)  but coming from myself and supportive friends and family I guess I’m not to bad, And I like to hang out with my friends but my favorite thing to do is play video games!


My favorite game is Minecraft, Minecraft is a  pixle world that you spawn in and you can go mining,building,collecting,leveling but just last year they added that you can finally beat the game. You can even build portals and get pets and kill mobs, Mobs are non playing character ( npc’s) minecraft is my favorite game by far if you think minecraft go check it out at

Thanks for reading what I have to say bye.


The incredible edible Cell project


This post is for the Reading Workshop  and science class. In science class we are working on a project called the incredible edible cell project .

What the cell project is it’s a project were you make an edible or non-edible figure of a living plant or animal cell. I’m going to do an edible animal cell because it looks more difficult and I’m up for the challenge .You could also chose an edible cell and feed it to the birds. I hope you find this interesting . 

                                                Parts of an animal cell

For my project I’m doing an animal call they contain many cells such as Chromosomes they transport information, Nucleus the nucleus is the control center of the cell, Mitochondria release energy it’s also known as the power house of the cell, Cytoplasm is a jelly like material that fills the space in between the cell membrane and the nucleus, Organel holds everything together, Vacuole stores water,nutrients,waste,  Endoplasmatic Reticulum transports materials, Ribosome produce’s materials, Cell wall, tough nonliving material or an outside skeleton.

Well thanks for letting me teach you about an animal cell and the parts of the cell bye.

Pumpkin Show!


                            The Pumpkin Show

This post is to tell you about an up coming event in my area. Its called the Pumpkin show.


The pumpkin show is a huge festival, where I live there’s all types of pumpkin foods pumpkin donuts, pumpkin pop, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin burgers, pumpkin bread, pumpkin buckeyes and a lot of other pumpkin foods.

                               Stuff to do 

There’s all types of games and set up shops were you can buy stuff. There are also a lot of different rides and activities. The pumpkin show lasts five days out of the week and we get to take those days of school. Also three girls get chosen from each school, a senior, a junior, and a first grader and then who ever wins out of all the three grades are the three pumpkin show queens and get to ride on a float every night from there on out.

                     Giant pumpkins

And also people grow giant pumpkins and who’s ever is the biggest get a reward. And people can enter pumpkins the decorated and pictures they drew to win prizes.

                     My favorite part

My favorite part of the pumpkin show is watching the parades at night and hearing the bands play while I’m sitting on the edge of the street eating some french fries ( Those are my favorite food at the pumpkin show) and I love being able to walk around town and hanging out with my friends on the break from school.

So thanks for taking the time to read my post about the pumpkin show! Also I hope you liked my post!

I love to


One thing I love to do is hang out with my best friend’s.My friends are hyper and very unique.One thing I love to do with my best friend’s is we love to go skating but the skating rink burnt down so we don’t go any more.Another thing we love to do is have sleep overs one time me and and my friend Gracie fell asleep with my dog on the floor and every one else was on the couch. 🙂

Even though me and my friend’s are crazy and always some how get in trouble I love them from the bottom of my heart because we have all known each other way to long to stop being friends at this point and what ever they do there not going to get read of me now 🙂 .

Thanks for taking the time to read my I love to post .hope you like it bye.

Hard work?


This post is for the Reading Workshop and Study Island.This post is to show what hard work is and what it’s about how to show it so I hope you like it.

Hard work? People that take their time are hard worker’s and there for they should get a better grade for taking their time and making sure everything’s right. Also even if they didn’t get a good grade its important that they took their time. That’s a hard worker.

If you had a test and you were done with in seven minutes like the post said that shows that your not a hard worker. Also you didn’t  really care about what grade you got. So next time you have a test or homework think about if you are a hard worker first.

So thanks for taking the time to read my post and remember to be a hard worker bye.

The Mocking jay


Mocking Jay  by Suzanne Collins.

The Mocking Jay is a very exciting book but my favorite moment is when Katniss Everdeen (main character) escapes from the arena and then is pretty much forced to be the mocking jay.The mocking jay is the symbol of fighting for freedom from Panem (capital).

Being forced to go into the arena twice Katniss thinks fighting for freedom from the capital  is the right thing to do.But is it ?Or is it worth giving up against the capital and being forced to follow the rules of the capital and face punishment.

The book draws me in because I love twisted books because they are different and creepy but that’s what makes the books good.

My trip to Myrtle Beach,South Carolina


Hi I have been working on a project for Social Studies . We have to research a place were we have been for vacation.I chose Myrtle Beach,South Carolina . Because it was my most relaxing vacation ever .


The areas first inhabitants were WaccaMaw  and the Winyah  Indians who named the region chicora meaning land with was then changed.

Myrtle Beach is located in the country of South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach received its name after the Sweet Myrtle tree.

Myrtle Beach population jumps from 30,000 to 350,000 in the summer months.

Myrtle Beach was ranked the second most popular Beach.

Myrtle Beach average rainfall is is 55in a year.

LONGITUDE AND LATITUDE.                                                

33 North   78 West .


North West hemisphere .


Holiday Towers  in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina .                                    


It all started when we had to plan vacation the week before we had to leave. When we got to Myrtle Beach we slept all day until my aunt got there. Then the next couple days all we did was swim and go to the ocean. Then it came so very fast the day before we left .

We started out are day by swimming all day until lunch we went to Olive Garden, then went back to swim for a little while. Then we went to my cousins hotel and hung out, and then ate dinner there and we had spaghetti and meatballs with salad and bread sticks it was so good .

Then a little later we went to the board walk to watch all of the fire works get set of at night . And then we walked around for a little bit before they started letting the fire works of.We went in a lot of little beach shacks and I got a hermit crab and I named it scotch tape and I got a sucker with a scorpion .And when we came upon an ice cream shop and it was so good I got birthday cake ice cream it had little chunks of birthday cake in it. It was so good!

And when we got back to our hotel every one was so tired but not me I stayed up all night till the next day because we leave in our car at midnight so when we left I would be able to sleep in the car easy and when we got home it was about four AM and when we got in side I left my bags on the ground and went to bed .

thanks for reading this and this was my trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina hope you enjoyed it bye.