Hunger games


   I have been reading the book called the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins in the            Reading Workshop most people have heard of it and say it’s a good book but I had to check it out myself.

The main character in my book is Katniss Everdeen and a place that was once North America is now divided in to twelve district’s and Katniss lives in district twelve with her mom and her sister Primrose (Prim) district twelve is the poorest district and beside’s the hunger games in there district most people die young from their hunger or in the mines. in all twelve district’s there a battle to the death called the Hunger Games one boy and one girl get’s chosen from every district to be in the hunger games .The hunger games takes place in the richest district witch is called the capital .

When prim get’s chosen scared to death Katniss volunteer’s in her place. in the book Katniss is daring,loving,strong,and deadly, and scared.Katniss is also great with a bow and arrow and she’s great when it comes to climbing . Katniss’s best friend is gale he’s good at setting traps (snares). And every time Katniss get’s a kill most of the time it’s in the eye of the victim. Will Katniss win the hunger games or well she die like the rest of them. Thanks for reading bye.


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