The incredible edible Cell project


This post is for the Reading Workshop  and science class. In science class we are working on a project called the incredible edible cell project .

What the cell project is it’s a project were you make an edible or non-edible figure of a living plant or animal cell. I’m going to do an edible animal cell because it looks more difficult and I’m up for the challenge .You could also chose an edible cell and feed it to the birds. I hope you find this interesting . 

                                                Parts of an animal cell

For my project I’m doing an animal call they contain many cells such as Chromosomes they transport information, Nucleus the nucleus is the control center of the cell, Mitochondria release energy it’s also known as the power house of the cell, Cytoplasm is a jelly like material that fills the space in between the cell membrane and the nucleus, Organel holds everything together, Vacuole stores water,nutrients,waste,  Endoplasmatic Reticulum transports materials, Ribosome produce’s materials, Cell wall, tough nonliving material or an outside skeleton.

Well thanks for letting me teach you about an animal cell and the parts of the cell bye.


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